Skin Care: Setting the Foundation
for Sustained Beauty

Like any other good thing in life, sustaining your beauty requires work and diligence. At Been Facial Plastics, our role is to provide services that can boost and enhance your appearance. However, we also feel our role is to educate you on the best methods to maximize your results and prolong the benefits of your treatments.

To achieve those goals, we feel that each patient should develop a skin care routine that protects and revitalizes his or her facial skin. This daily maintenance takes only a few minutes, but the impact can be truly astounding.

Why is it Important to Treat My Skin?

Daily skin care can suffice as a standalone treatment for mild skin aging or be used in combination with the procedures we offer at Been Facial Plastics. Potential benefits of medical grade skin care include:

  • Improvement with acne breakouts
  • Softer, moisturized skin
  • Improvement of brown spots
  • Decreased redness
  • More balanced skin texture/tone
  • Improvement in fine facial lines
  • Decreased visibility of scars
  • Pre-operative skin therapy
  • Enhancement of surgical results
  • Faster post-operative skin recovery

What Sets Been Facial Plastics Apart?

At Been Facial Plastics, the doctors and staff believe in a combination approach to enhance facial beauty. By creating customized treatment plans that fit each person’s goals, patient satisfaction can be maximized. The best treatment plans often incorporate a unique skin care plan for each patient.

During your consultation or follow-up visits, Drs. Mark and Geeta Been will consider the best course to enhance your results. Only products that have been personally tested and verified by our doctors and staff will be recommended to our patients. The office philosophy is to offer only medical grade products that we are confident will help patients address their concerns.

Our Skin Care Lines

The easiest way to help you develop an effective skin care regimen is for you to come to our office for a consultation. Because of the numerous skin care lines and options available, we have streamlined our selection to products that we know work well.