Facial Fillers

Using Volume to Rejuvenate the Face

Hallmark signs of facial aging are volume loss and decreased tissue elasticity. As a result, tissues start to sag, particularly the cheeks and tissue along the jawline. Previously smooth skin looks wrinkled and irregular. All in all, these changes create a tired, unhealthy appearance. If you’ve noticed any of these changes in your face, you’re not alone. At Been Facial Plastics, we can reverse these changes using non-invasive facial fillers. These are injectable products that are meant to re-volumize different areas of the face. They are so versatile that they have become a staple to the facial cosmetic community. Just as an artist uses a palette of colors and techniques to create a work of art, our surgeons utilize different fillers, each with their own unique properties, to reverse signs of aging and create a rejuvenated appearance.

Are Facial Fillers Right for You?

Facial fillers can be used to improve a vast number of facial concerns:

  • Shallow cheeks
  • Thin lips
  • Lines around the lips (“smokers’ lines”)
  • Poorly defined “cheek bones”
  • Sagging along the jawline (jowls)
  • Deep facial creases and wrinkles (e.g., nasolabial folds, marionette lines)
  • Recessed scars
  • Contour deformities and asymmetries of the face
  • Lower eyelid hollows

What Sets Drs. Mark and Geeta Been Apart?

At Been Facial Plastics, Drs. Mark and Geeta Been are experts in the anatomy and function of the eyes and face and have a detailed understanding of facial aesthetic concepts. There is an artistry to these procedures and we feel you should put your faith in professionals who have extensive training and experience with filler products.

Because of the wide variety of different facial fillers, each with its own strengths and benefits, we invite you to come to our office for an in-person consultation. This will allow us to examine your face and provide you with customized recommendations. We believe in tailoring the treatment to your specific needs and facial structure. The injections are quick, and most patients have little to no discomfort. The process is so easy that patients often come to our office before work in the morning or during their lunch break!

What to Expect Post Procedure

Following the procedure, there is no downtime and you may re-apply makeup to your face if you wish. Bruising may occur, but is generally mild. To reduce the risk of bruising, we request you do not use any blood-thinning products (e.g., aspirin, ibuprofen) one week before the injections. Some patients experience mild swelling for 24-48 hours. Icing can help with bruising and swelling.

Initial results are apparent following the procedure. But with each passing day, you will see a smoothing effect. By one to two weeks, the effect is stable, and you will be able to enjoy the wonderful results. Results for facial fillers last anywhere from six months to two years.